Group of sulcata tortoises baskingThe Ojai Sulcata Project is dedicated to captive care research, education and rescue of the African Spurred, or sulcata tortoise, Geochelone [=Centrochelys] sulcata. The priority of the Project is captive care research.

The Ojai Sulcata Project is a California 501(C)(3) Not-for-profit Corporation. Our current officers are Dave Friend, President, Maree Friend, Secretary, and Larry Reiners, Treasurer. Ron Harrington is Legal Counsel for the Ojai Sulcata Project.

Dave Friend has served for several years as the President and as the Vice-President of the California Turtle & Tortoise Club's Santa Barbara-Ventura Chapter. In 2009-2010 he served his first term as Chair of the Executive Board of the California Turtle & Tortoise Club, and served a second term from 2012 to 2014. He is the founder and current president of the Ojai Sulcata Project. He is an accomplished photographer, and all photographs on this web site were taken by him.

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